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SeaBird Expedition HV



turistický kajak


Číslo produktu: 217
Dĺžka × šírka: 518 x 59 cm
Váha × nosnosť: 27 x 150 kg
Rozmer kokpitu: 85 x 41 cm
b??ná cena 29 099 K?
na?e cena bez DPH : 21 900 K?
na?e cena s DPH (21 %):
26 499 K?

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ZW5fGwLVW7aE [5.188.211.*]

17.03.2017 17:18


It's always a pleasure to hear from someone with exirptese.

2pKaYj5w [5.188.211.*]

14.03.2017 19:13


Between the flight and the retreating (rtdtearee?) glaciers we’ve just seen, Tom, I think there is an extremely strong case for doing the right thing and walking in from Jiri.

XhmaXein [46.161.14.*]

14.03.2017 16:17


Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear megasse!

rpvIpb5D6VT [46.161.14.*]

14.03.2017 16:08


Grazi for maknig it nice and EZ.

GPIiFqSVQ [46.161.14.*]

14.03.2017 16:03


Knocked my socks off with knodeewgl!

hwPVEiNCDK1 [41.33.235.*]

07.07.2015 06:07


Thanks for spending time on the computer (winrtig) so others don't have to.

mVJHyLjtgHgR [46.161.14.*]

14.03.2017 18:47

Re: 8sD1bFud

skojar du? k?¤nns som om bloggen sv?¤mmar ?¶ver s?? fort kurdiska vinner mot sturefors och co i femman om att de ?¤r ?¶lsarg?¶ttends b?¤sta lag. Tycker snarare det har blivit f?¤rre inl?¤gg sen matchen mot united i j?¤mf?¶relse med innan.eftersom du skriver ditt inl?¤gg riktat till n??gon, vill du inte s?¤ga vem det ?¤r du riktar det till?

dTzz4u86j [188.143.232.*]

06.03.2016 17:39

Re: 8sD1bFud

I have exactly what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it's free? Aweesmo!

sR3br3TAn1b [46.161.14.*]

14.03.2017 19:37

Re: Re: 8sD1bFud

9e3bkaterina:3fc107??° ?‘‡?‘‚??Â? ??Â??‘Â???¶??Â???Â? ??´??»?‘Â? ?‘‚??Â???Â???Â?,?‘‡?‘‚??Â???±?‘‹ ??Â???Â???Â???µ??Â??‘Â??‘‚?‘Â? ?‘„??°??Â???¸??»??¸?‘ÂŽ? ??¸ ??Â???°??Â? ??Â???Â??‘‚??Â???Â? ?‘Â? ??‚Â??Â???Â??‘Â???Â???µ??Â??‘ÂÂ??°??´???¸, ??Â???Â??‘‚??Â??‘€?‘‹??µ ??Â??‘Â??‘‚??°??»??¸?‘Â??‘Â? ??Â???° ?‘Â??‘‚??°?‘€?‘Â??‘ÂŽ ?‘„??°??Â???¸??»??¸?‘ÂŽ? ??Â??‘€??°??Â???°, ??´??¸??Â???»??Â???Â??‘‹ ??¸ ?‘‚??´?d5

0WG9YEY1l [188.143.232.*]

06.03.2016 16:59

Re: 8sD1bFud

You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion evrweyhere!

IcY6EBL7yR [46.161.14.*]

14.03.2017 16:18

Re: Re: 8sD1bFud

How neat! Is it really this simepl? You make it look easy.

BbYtaWRy84c [5.188.211.*]

14.03.2017 14:46

Re: Re: 8sD1bFud

A bit susrriped it seems to simple and yet useful.

On1r7VeKH5bq [128.127.107.*]

02.03.2016 22:06

Re: 8sD1bFud

Your story was really inftomarive, thanks!

M2VfVaQ36 [5.188.211.*]

14.03.2017 16:41

Re: Re: 8sD1bFud

Call me wind because I am absleutloy blown away.

HqxQXOBbTjOf [5.188.211.*]

14.03.2017 16:22

Re: Re: 8sD1bFud

The hotseny of your posting shines through